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Sunday, July 25, 2004


i've finally made that leap.  yes, that big leap that hurls one into the realm of internet notoriety.  that big step that defines one's existence and purpose on this godforsaken planet.  (and no, i did not open a friendster account.)
writing in my own blogspot isn't as bad as i thought it'd be.
i once had an online journal, as it was called, that held a number of pretentious musings.  topics in that journal ranged from alcoholism to a discourse on millennium female aesthetics.  from shooting hoops to a study of the effects of sound in the Philippine context, most of them were essays which eventually found their way to my CW professor's lap and Youngblood editors' Pulitzer worthy pile.  all i had to show for that journal were a couple of posted comments ("a couple" literally means two or more-ish.  in my case, i could have said "two" instead.) and a bruised ego.  there was a clear attempt to be profound and/or philosophical in that journal.  i ended up being profoundly (or philosophically) pa-cool - delicately put by my girlfriend (shall we name names?).  my problem was instead of writing about the 'actual' - what i actually think or experience - i chose to write about the things i wanted my readers (both of them) to believe i actually1 thought and experienced.  much emphasis was given on the impression i wanted to make of myself, forgetting that i didn't have my name anywhere in that journal.  i wasn't aware of the nature of online journals then - that they should be spontaneous and honest.  they are also two things essential to good writing.  although most of what i said there was true, it took me a number of days to finish one entry - not including the number of times i edited what i already posted.  after recognizing the error of my ways (expect more cliche's to come), i decided to junk the whole thing and save myself the trouble of pretending to write.  
that is until i discovered how blogs should2 be written.  

so, expect unprofound and unphilosophical gibberish in this blog.  this is, after all, an in-depth analysis of the inner workings of a troubled mind (or a spotless mind3).  you must have read the disclaimer on top - i wasn't kidding.  my condition is contagious.  soon you will find yourself using the word "fallacious" to describe someone who says something untrue.  or something that resembles algae or moss foliage will appear under your computer chair (where the computer sits?), also known as "my own kulangot collection".  pretty soon you will be my minion.  pawn to my cross-crowned king.  vilmanian to my vilma (or noranian to my nora, it's up to you.).  or not - the zafra "world domination" spiel is a bit overused.  but there is still that matter of contagion.  pray that it's my good looks that you catch.  (i am good looking.  ask my mom.)  
this feels right.  this relatively unstructured genre of writing and its illusion of anonymity, though in vogue, gives me much pleasure and satisfaction.  and, honestly, this is probably the only time i'll ever find myself jumping on the bandwagon (cliche number two) and not regret doing it.  (i hope i will never be forced to open a friendster account, i hate eating my words.  daming carbs.)  
1 note to public speakers and call center personnel:  this is actually how the word is to be used.  "actually" describes, obviously, what is actual.  it is not the the first word of every sentence uttered in english (the same with basically and supposedly).  use sparingly, unless you're actually British.                  

2 coming soon:  blog poetics.

3 note to the clueless - malinis kasi walang laman.  laugh like you get the joke. 


Blogger grossy said...

Don't like your blog title. But love the side comments. Pero ang OA ah...may pa-footnote ka pang nalalaman. Batukan kita diyan eh.

And yes, he's good looking. I wouldn't take someone ugly to be my man-whore.

8:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

kainis nga yung title ng blog mo.
masyadong hiphop/r&b ang dating.
pero okay ang laman.
mukhang nag-iisip ang nagsulat...
contrary to popular belief.


4:54 PM

Blogger orange said...

AHAAAA!!! your blog! i found it! (not that it was all that difficult to find)

vilmanian to my vilma. bwahahhahahahahha.

4:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magaling ka magsulat. Pagpatuloy mo lang. Marami pangpuwedeng pagtawanan sa tabi-tabi.

5:41 AM


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