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Thursday, March 31, 2005


i took a total of 12 units of german, during the last of my college years (7th and 9th year). it would've been great if i was able to laugh at a german joke. well, i still laugh every time i hear the word weinerschnitzel - but that's just me. what i'm trying to say is that for a student of any foreign language to really say that he has mastered the tongue that he's mastering (ignore that), he should be able to appreciate the humor vehicled in the language. this might seem that one is going above and beyond with this criterion of language assimilation, when all one merely desires is the ability to say "you have nice feet" in japanese (where am i going with this...?). but that's just me.

i have a question (stated with a poor tolits from bulagaan impression): how old were you when you first laughed at an american joke? i bet it had something to do with a jaywalking chicken (i never got that joke). next question: did you find john cleese funny back in his Python days? brit humor is a different thing altogether; some people like it dry (we are still talking about humor). i prefer mine wet - tearjerkers. nothing beats old fashioned pinoy humor:

tatlong nagyayabangan na daga...

daga1: kakain ako ng keso na may rat killer!
daga2: ha! kakain ako ng keso sa mouse trap!!
daga3: tsk! tsk! tsk! manood kayo! manrereyp ako ng pusa!!!

some things are best told in the vernacular. or is that just me?