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Saturday, April 30, 2005

time space warp

there are days when you just don't know where you are. take the enterprise for example (wrong blog, trekkie. get lost. play with your action figures or something. "play.") - i've been working there for almost 4 months now, but i still find myself baffled by the design of its lobby. it must be the constant change in cabin pressure inside my head that's causing me to lose all sense of direction (i work in the 31st flr). especially when getting off the elevators, figuring out whether to make a right or a left is such a task. segue: i remember alighting from one of the lifts here in our building and i made a hard left only to change my mind in mid-stride. i quickly turned to the opposite direction. everyone knows that there are only a few things that still surprise me - let's just say that having a young woman, whom i hardly know, smothering herself against my chiseled (or cheeseled) pecs comprises one of those few things.

i'm not entirely sure if it's the altitude adjustment that's throwing me off kilter (or out of kilter. kilter-kilter pa kasi.). it doesn't help either that my working hours are not to be envied (9pm-6am). and here's the clincher: try to imagine my situation wherein i have to get up the same time you guys are about to have dinner - enduring the heat and mom's cackle while watching bulagaan in the afternoon - my whole world topsy turvy as it already is, i turn on the tv and i find myself wondering whether i am the victim of an elaborate practical joke, that the year isn't really 2005. what i saw on the tube disturbed me a little.

it was the making of Men in Black 2 on AXN.

someone tell me what year it really is. ngayon din. (shigi-shigi...)