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Sunday, August 06, 2006


this might be a regular thing i'll be doing - going over books that i haven't read in ages. i've read only a handful of books more than once; Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, all three of Zahn's post-Return of the Jedi novels, Polotan-Tuvera's Hand of the Enemy (read this skillfully crafted novel three times but still no final paper for Manalo, hence no diploma, hence UP undergrad, hence still a jackass loser, hence potapakshetnaman alma get off my back i am graduating soon), Lightman's Einstein's Dreams, and quite shamefully, Brown's Da Vinci Code (aka DVC - use in a sentence: bro, i read the DVC na after chilling at Emba where Jay-R made upak the Borgy.). don’t ask what I’m doing reading an old college text book (next on the list is Leithold's TC7), but this is what I found in one of the pages of Acuna’s Philosophical Analysis:

“If we accept that an A-form statement is true: All A are B then you know that an O-form is false: Some A are not B and an E-form is also false: All A are not B. In contrast, if you accept that an E-form is true All A are not B, we can say that the A-form All A are B and I-form Some A are B are false. However if we accept that the I-form is true: Some A are B. We can immediately reject the contradictory statement E-form All A are not B as false. The truth of an I-form has no consequence on the A or O-form. If we assume that and O-form is true: Some A are not B, immediately, the A-form is false, but it has no effect on the I and E-form. The bare minimum requirement to falsify an A or E-form is a single counter example. This insight has tremendous consequences in our study of inductive reasoning in Unit IV.”1

it wasn’t the unintelligible text that got my attention. it was the sentence I scribbled on that page’s margin:

"In the immortal words of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Come again?"2

1 - Acuna, Andresito E. Philosophical Analysis Fourth Edition. (Quezon City: UP Department of Philosopy, 1998), 93.

2 - obviously borrowed from Snatch, a 2000 film directed by Guy Ritchie. it was Brick Top (brilliantly played by English actor, Alan Ford) who said it.3

3 - and yes, i am addicted to wikipedia.