stepping on dog crap, that sucks. stepping on human feces, that's fallacious. welcome to my world. wipe your feet.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


alma (i never found "mom" endearing) was searching the net for the best mobile phone to get my dad (his name is edrie. we don't want to piss off the breadwinner.). naturally, she had to type the word nokia on google's search field. after hitting the "n" key, google - never trust anything named by a 3-year-old - volunteered a couple of keywords that i've used in the past (ignore the use of the present perfect tense - a recently completed action). this is how it went down:

alma: pj, ano itong non-nude teen lesbians kissing?

busted raver: don't look at me.

alma: gago, sino pa kaya?

busted raver [unblinking]: i need to tell you something.

a: ano?

br [without batting an eyelash]: your daughter is gay.

a [doubtful]: si zag, masaya?

br [stoic still]: she's happy all right. strap-on happy.

that is how you worm your way out of a potentially awkward situation. don't think twice. just flat-out lie. listen to Darwin. it's eat or be eaten (that sounded dirty).

and, no. this isn't a dream, kid. daddy's back.